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Magpul - CTR Stock for AR/M4 - Mil-Spec ODG

84,75 €

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Greita Peržiūra

One of the most known and respected AR-15 rifle stock made by the renowned manufacturer Magpul Industries Corp.

Stock designed for use with mil-spec guides

The butt stock is very light through to reducing metal parts to a minimum. The construction uses the Rubber Butt-Pad foot and the appropriate profiling, which guarantees convenience of use for right- and left-handed shooters.

The use of the highest quality materials ensures long-term use of the stock.

The button regulating the stock length has been additionally shielded to additionally protect it against accidental release.

The stock design allows the installation of cheek pads to increase comfort. The stock is used for the use of Magpul ASAP® and ASAP® QD suspension holds.

Holes in the bottom of the stock allow for mounting 1.25 "wide suspension straps.

Technical data:
- weight: 261 g
- length, max: 175 mm
- adjustment Range: 84 mm
- LOP, M4 Collapsed: 267 mm
- LOP, M4 Extended: 350 mm
- color: Black

Specifications based on standard-length (flat-back) M4 Carbine receiver extension and may vary depending on tube manufacturer.

Pristatymas į namus: Gruodžio 2D. (2,90€)

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