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Bolle Tactical - Ballistic Glasses - FURY

137,25 €

Prekės būsena: Pristatymas 3-5 d.d

Greita Peržiūra

Lenses: Clear (PSI), ESP, Smoke (PSF)
Durability: FT, STANAG 4296:
- Clear - V50: 874,8 km/h | 243 m/s
- ESP - V50: 889,2 km/h | 247 m/s
- Smoke - V50: 864 km/h | 240 m/s
Frame durability: EN166 FT
Optical Class: 1
- Clear - 2C-1.2 1 FT
- ESP - 5-3.1 1 FT
- Smoke - 5-3.1 1 FT
Weight: 28g

Specially developed in partnership with Eric Grauffel*, the FURY spectacles bring protection, comfort and lightness for high level sport shooters.

Single lens STANAG 4296 certified, FURY lenses are easily interchangeable in Clear, Smoke and ESP version.

STANAG 4296 is the resistance of the standard reference on that eye protection for military use. It guarantees the ballistic resistance defined by STANAG 2920, but also criteria:
- Use: comfortable, lightweight, reduced fogging resistance to scratches
- Quality of the vision field of vision of 160 ° minimum, clarity
- Relative to the general appearance: less brilliant protection possible, compatibility with other protection (helmet, face shield ect.)
- Protective equipment must be kept in storage 10 years and 1 year of use to a minimum.

The FURY kit is available with a protective rigid case containing three anti-scratch, anti-fog ballistic lenses and an 8ml anti-fog spray which strengthens their resistance in the most extreme situations.

- Ballistic interchangeable polycarbonnate lens
- Ultra envelopping
- Non slip and sdjustable nose
- Anti-scratch anti fog coating

Supplied with:
- Black individual rigid carry case
- Microfiber pouch
- 3 spare lenses in Clean, ESP & Smoke
- Anti-fog spray 8 ml

Pristatymas į namus: Gruodžio 4D. (2,90€)

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