Agilite - Magnetix™ Battle Belt RG

Agilite - Magnetix™ Battle Belt RG
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Experience the ultimate tactical advantage with the Agilite Magnetix™ Battle Belt. Specifically designed to solve the problems existing with other battle belts, our patent-pending magnetic alignment system ensures perfect and speedy adjustments, even under intense pressure. A full field of MOLLE extends up to the buckle, while the inner belt is optimized for CCW and everyday use. The belt's unique design contours to your body shape for superior comfort, while maintaining zero sag, regardless of the load. Safety-rated for connecting to airframes, the Magnetix™ Battle Belt is indeed the best tactical belt system on the market.


Key Features:

  • Patent-pending magnetic alignment system for quick and perfect adjustments
  • Full field of MOLLE up to the buckle for optimal utility
  • Zero sag design, even under substantial loads
  • Inner Belt optimized for CCW and everyday use
  • Unique smart stiffening system that flexes when needed for ultimate comfort
  • Uses composite materials that contour to your body shape over time
  • Safety-rated for connecting to airframes, fully ratable. Rated version available on request
  • Designed for defending your country, your community, or your home.
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