Strike Industries - ISO Tab for Latchless Charging Handle - Black

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Enhance your speed and effectiveness of the Strike Latchless Charging Handle with the ISO-Tab from Strike Industries. Made out of lightweight but durable 6061-T6 aluminum, the ISO-Tab is built like a tank but without the weight.

Improve your reaction time and never miss a beat even under stressful conditions with the combination setup of a latch-less charging handle and extension tab. Choose a one-sided or ambidextrous configuration according to your needs.

Featuring an aggressive texturing and a wider surface area to “latch” onto, never miss a step to get back into the fight.

- Enlarged, extended and textured grasping surface for easy and consistent CH manipulations under a variety of conditions
- Interchangeable on either side
- Available in a variety of color lines
- Enhances Operation of Strike latchless Charging Handles
- Aluminum Construction for durability and minimal added weight
- Included Screw for a secure fit

Contents (per package):
x1 Iso Tab
x1 mounting screw

Note: Only compatible with Strike Latch-Less Charging Handle
Note: It is highly recommended to apply threadlocker to the screw before installation.

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