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Magpul - ZHUKOV-S Stock for AK47/AK74 Plum

132,00 €

Prekės būsena: Pristatymas 3-5 d.d

Greita Peržiūra

The Magpul Zhukov-S Stock is a no-compromise folding stock for the modern AK.

The Zhukov-S Stock casts aside traditional AK stock shortcomings and offers a folding, collapsible stock with QD sling mounts, modular Cheek Risers, and a shock-absorbing rubber butt-pad for superior traction. The assembly takes place using a wedge compatible with the majority of stamped receiver carabines.

- Fits most AK / AKM / AK74 karabiners with single tang trunnion - 5-position adjustable length
- Folded to the right side
- It does not limit the possibility of shooting and reloading when folded
- Compatible with AK standard optical sights mounted on the left side
- Low-profile, minimalistic design, minimizing the possibility of snagging
- Non-slip, recoil-absorbing buttpad
- Chamfered toe for easy handling in a bulletproof vest
- Possibility to assemble Cheek Risers
- 1.25 "suspension strap hole and QD port slot

Technical data:
- weight: 425 g
- length: 223.5 / 289.5 mm
- step length: 16.5 mm
- adjustment range: 66 mm
- LOP collapsed: 310 mm
- LOP extended: 375 mm

NOTE: The stock is not compatible with Yugoslavian, Norinco Type 56S / MAK-90 and millied receiver carbines.
Pristatymas į namus: Vasario 1D. (2,90€)

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