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IMI Defense - MP03 Double Magazine Roto Paddle Pouch - 92, CZ, P99

27,00 €

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MP03 Double Magazine Pouch.

Crafted with the highest quality polymer elements, manufactured using the most advanced production technology, IMI Defense products provide the ultimate in ease-of-use, durability, and comfort.

Features and benefits:
- Comfortable contoured fit
- Fully adjustable for cant
- Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw)
- Made of durable black polymer
- Adjusts with a simple allen key
- Designed for military & police personnel. Great for civilians & off duty officers

Fits: Beretta 92, 96; Browning Hi-Power (9mm/.40); Browning BDM (9mm); Colt 2000 (9mm); EAA Witness (9mm/.40); KelTec P11, P40; Magnum Baby Eegle (9mm/.40); Ruger P89-P95 (9mm/.40); Sig Pro 9 mm, Springfield XD (9mm/.40); S&W 40, 59, 69; S&W SW99 (9mm/.40); Taurus 92, 100; Taurus PT909 (9mm); Taurus PT800 (9mm/.40); CZ, Walther P88, P99; Walther PPQ M1 (Classic), M2, Sig Sauer 226, 229, MK25, S&W M&P (9mm/.40/.357) magazines
Color: Black

Made in Israel

Pristatymas į namus: Gruodžio 4D. (2,90€)

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