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Bolle Tactical - Ballistic Glasses - ASSAULT - Twilight

56,00 €

Prekės būsena: Pristatymas 3-5 d.d

Greita Peržiūra

Weight: 15g
Glass: Twilight
Strength Class: FT
Optical Class: 1
Filters: EN172 5-2
Strength Ballistic: 1 FT CE EN166, STANAG 2920 (V50: 192,7m / s)

Designed for maximum protection, the French company Bolle Tactical sunglasses with a ballistic visor Curve 8 with a thickness of 2.2mm and ballistic resistance in accordance to the standard STANAG 2920.

Twilight version has high contrast, high definition and excellent light transmission. Are ideal for low light, outdoor work environments, particularly early morning and late evening.

On the inner coating layer anti fog lenses, to protect against evaporation, the outer part, anti scratch coating, which prevents against mechanical damage and minor scratches. Visors have filters in 100% UV protection EN172 5-2.

Holder of lightweight and highly durable polycarbonate, impact-resistant solids and bending. A special profile on the sides of glasses frames also provides protection side. Non-slip bridge and temples made of TIPGRIP fabric.

Comes with nylon hard case and soft pouch for storing sunglasses.(...)
Pristatymas į namus: Vasario 1D. (2,90€)

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